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1. Swaminarayan Temple

Mahatma Gandhi High School earlier known as Alfred High School was established in 1853. The building of this school has been built in Gothic Norman structure and it is most popular for its high standards of educational system. The name of the school was changed to the present one, when the present management came to know that Mahatma Gandhi himself has been an alumnus to this school. This school was the very place where Mahatma Gandhi misspelled the word ‘kettle'.

2. Mahatma Gandhi High School

The Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at a distance of 47 km from the city of Rajkot. It was established in 1988 in a total area of 15 square km. It is a compact woodland home to 280 species of flora, 130 species of birds, and 20 species each of reptiles and mammals. Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary comprises species of amphibians and other animals. Rare species of animals found in this sanctuary includes Nilgai, Chinkara, fox and Wolf.

3. Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary

The Rashtriya Shala of Rajkot is known for its historical importance and was started in 1921 with the help of 66, 000square yards of land donated by the Rajkot leader, Shri Lakhajiraj. This institute is closely associated with the life and activities of Mahatma Gandhi. The place displays segments and souvenirs associated with historical events of non-cooperation movement and India’s fight for independence. Another significant institute namely the Gujarat Vidyapith is also situated near this shala.

4. Rashtriya Shala

The Swaminarayan Temple was established by Shastriji Maharaj of Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha, in 1907. The temple has been built out of hand carved stones. Within its premises is the figure of Lord Swaminarayan, clad in royal cloth. This temple is renowned worldwide for its social work and humanitarian services and it also runs a charitable trust that helps people in natural calamities, all over the world.

5. Jubilee Garden

Jubilee Garden is located in the heart of Rajkot and is one of its most popular sightseeing and picnic spots. Jubilee garden is home to a large amusement park along with many shops and attractions likeWatson Museum, Connaught Hall, Alfred High School, and Lang Library. There are also many food courts present in the place that serve a variety of food items. The chutney of ‘Chevdo’ is the most popular food item in the place. The amusement park in the place offers a wide variety of rides both for children and adults. This garden is also ideal for spotting a few rare species of winter birds. This place is also a major commercial hub of the city.

6. Rajkumar College

The Rajkumar College of Rajkot is one of the oldest school establishments of the city, established for the purpose of education for princely by the Princes and Chiefs of Kathiawar, in 1868. This school was opened as a public school in 1938 by the initiative of its founders. This college is also a part of the Indian Public Schools Conference. The important educational facilities provided by the college include laboratories, library, gymnasium, residential area, dining hall, swimming pool, and a medical centre.

7. Kaba Gandhi No Delo

Kaba Gandhi No Delo is the residence of Mahatma Gandhi, situated in Rajkot. It is the place where Gandhiji stayed during his early years of life at Rajkot. The place draws its name from Mahatma Gandhi’s father’s name, Kaba Gandhi. This place displays the old and traditional architectural style of building houses and monuments. Kaba Gandhi No Delo has now been converted into a museum called the ‘Gandhi Smriti’. This museum consists of photographs, crucial objects and belongings of the ‘father of the nation’, Mahatma Gandhi. In vicinity of this place, a NGO is run for young girls to learn embroidery and sewing.

8. Ramakrishna Ashram

The Ramakrishna Ashram is a math and centre for universal teachings of Vedanta, situated in Rajkot. The of the establishment of this ashram was in 1926, during Swami Madhavanandaji Maharaj’s visit to the place. He later became the 9th president of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission. This ashram illustrates the life and ideals of Ramakrishna to promote religious harmony and universal brotherhood in the world. Ramakrishna Ashram is also involved in rural development and relief, rehabilitation, educational, spiritual, and cultural work. It also performs activities like maintenance of temples, organising spiritual classes, serving poor and needy, etc.

9. Lal Pari Lake

The Lal Pari Lake of Rajkot is situated at a distance of 5 km from the city. It is one of the most popular natural locations of Rajkot situated in its outskirts. This lake is a popular bird watching venue, as it is the roosting place for a large number of species of local and migratory birds. Most popular birds in this category include rosy pastor, pheasant tailed jacan, spoon bill, purple moor hen, wigeon, common teal, black tailed godwit and pelican.

10. Rotary Midtown Dolls Museum

The Rotary Midtown Dolls Museum of Rajkot provides an insight to the culture and traditions of the world through the medium of dolls. Most of the dolls present at this museum have been donated to the place by a large number of rotary clubs, from across 93 countries around the world. This museum was conceived by Deepak Aggarwal in 2001 with a view to provide children a place, where they could gain valuable knowledge about the world by the mode of fun and entertainment . Main attractions in the place include Cinematheque, which is a cinema theatre for children, where knowledgeable movies are played.

11. Aji Dam Garden

Aji Dam Garden is a popular attraction in Rajkot situated at 8 km from the city, in its outskirts. This place is maintained by Rajkot Municipal Corporation. The garden comprises an amusement park, foot courts and children’s park in its premises. It also has a bird aviary, zoo and crocodile park. The trees present in the surroundings of this garden bloom at their best, during the winter season. It also stands ideal for activities like evening walks and picnics. This park is also a major commercial hub of Rajkot. It also plays a major role in maintaining the ecological balance of the city by keeping them pollution free.

12. Panch Nath Mahadev Temple

The Panch Nath Mahadeo Temple is one of the oldest temples of Rajkot, established in 1933, dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Shiv Maha Puja held in the Hindu month of ‘Shravan’ is one of the most important events of this temple.

13. Community Science Centre and Planetarium

The Community Science Centre and Planetarium is run and maintained by a non government organization and was established in 1992. The objective of the place is to impart knowledge related to science and maths to children with the help of educational programmes, workshops, and seminars.

14. Race Course Grounds

Race Course is a large ground located in the heart of Rajkot. The place is ideal for strolls in the morning, as well as night. The main attractions in this place include the Children’s Traffic Park, Fun World, and Baal Bhavan. Apart from this, it also provides sports facilities like an indoor stadium, a cricket ground, hockey ground, football and volley ball grounds, gym, swimming pool and more. It also has large seating arrangement with cement benches embedded on its border.

15. Ishwariya Temple

The Ishwariya Temple is a small temple of Rajkot, dedicated to Lord Shiva. It lies at 10 km from the city in the Madhapar village on Jamnagar highway. The most popular feature of this is its Shiva Lingam, which is recognised as ‘Swayambhu’. It is also a major picnic spot of the place. Along with this, an annual fair held at this temple is also quite popular.